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We know that now more than ever, your clients are finding you through social media. Don’t disappoint them.

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At YRSTRY, we know the importance of a good story.  Whether you’re marketing specific products or you yourself are the product, we will help elevate your online presence with an authentic and effortless point of view.  Your fans need never know that you’ve outsourced the daily grind that is social media.  They’ll be too busy being thrilled with your content!

In order to maximize your return on investment, our packages require a minimum four week commitment, but the rest is completely customizable to your needs.

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YRSTRY is exactly that: it is your story, and everyone has a story to tell.

With clarity and creativity, we transform your defining moments and memories into a timeless legacy.

We honour each story with the reverence it deserves, because we know storytelling has the power to deepen connections with the people who matter the most to you.

At YRSTRY, we have multiple options for you to transform your memories into a timeless legacy.

YRSTRY knows no borders. Whether you live in a city or on a farm, in Saskatchewan, anywhere in Canada or across the ocean, thanks to technology, we can create and deliver YRSTRY album to you just as we do in person. Customize YRSTRY book by choosing the size, colour, and texture of the cover.

Contact YRSTRY for your custom proposal.

A standard YRSTRY book contains 20 pages, but don’t feel constrained: we can determine the right length of YRSTRY book so it contains the perfect mix of text and photos.

Preserve and present YRSTRY book with the reverence it deserves with a keepsake box.

Contact YRSTRY for your custom proposal. 

“…I write because the written word has the power to connect people with those who matter the most to us. Stories move us. They evoke emotion: they make us cry, rage, donate to a worthy cause, support a local business, call an old friend to tell them we love them…”


Can you hear that baby crying? It’s ours!

“We called my parents, and it was then that we agreed on the name. I had recently shown them how to turn off the ringer on their phones but still leave it on. No answer. Of course! They called back a few minutes later. Such a cool conversation: our baby was being weighed on another table, and I said, “Can you hear that baby crying? It’s ours!” My parents still recall that conversation to this day. They were shocked, overjoyed, excited. Kind of like us. I mouthed the name to my husband, and he agreed, so we told them and everyone else in the room: Cub.”

It was surreal. It happened! I don’t remember feeling exhausted, I wasn’t drained.

“I’m pushing, and then all of a sudden, the baby comes out, and I ask, “What time is it?!” It’s 3:13 p.m. She’s placed on me.

My first thoughts were all over the place: ‘Holy shit, look at the hair! There’s this little thing, on me, Oh my God! It’s a real baby!” As she’s on me, she starts crying.

It was surreal. It happened! I don’t remember feeling exhausted, I wasn’t drained.

Meanwhile, Keith had begun messaging people. He took my phone, looked at who were the last 10 phone calls, and messaged those people. Not long after she was born, we FaceTimed my parents. The moment they laid eyes on her, the grandparent love was there. Since then, we’ve FaceTimed every day.

We knew we were having a girl, and we had chosen the name Michaela. When my mom was pregnant with me, my dad wanted to name me Brianna because his name is Brian. My mom wanted to name me Michaela. When I was born, they settled on Breeanna, and my mom told me years later she chose Bree because it rhymed like a tree. Back when I was a kid, she told me she wanted to name me Michaela, so I filed that in my memory, not realizing things would eventually come full circle.”

Saskatchewan drive-ins draw sellouts on long weekend

“Not to make light of anything, when we purchased in 1997, (a drive-in) was a dying thing,” he says. “The theatre is celebrating 40 years this year, and I joke that it has taken 40 years and a pandemic to put the drive-in on the map.”

'It was my second home': As Rainbow Cinemas closes, long-time GM reflects on 25 years

After almost 25 years, the curtain has fallen on Rainbow Cinemas. The theatre shuttered its doors on Monday — a closure originally planned for the spring, but one that was sped up by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Saskatoon StarPhoenix’s Darla Read spoke to Val Randall, the theatre’s general manager who has been with Rainbow Cinemas since it opened in 1995 …

Relationship-building 'makes me tick,' says new director of St. Paul's Hospital

I know that once we move through this phase of what’s happening with the pandemic, I will most certainly have significantly improved (my) knowledge around infection control.

I just opened my beautiful birth story book that Darla made for my daughter and I. It’s amazing and I’m so excited to share it with my daughter as she grows. Darla worked to make my book perfect for us – I can’t thank her enough.

– Stacey Challoner

Darla created birth story books for both of my daughters. These books are now one of my most precious possessions. I had never seen or heard of anything like this before, and when I found out Darla was doing these, I knew I had to get them. Darla made the experience so easy. She is easy to talk to and very patient and understanding. She takes such time and care into creating these beautiful books. When Darla dropped off the books, both of my girls were so excited to see ‘their’ book. It was really a special moment to share with them. I really cannot say enough about the entire experience – from working with Darla to create the books to the finished product.

– Jaimie Kosteroski

We worked with Darla to create a birth story book for our son. She worked collaboratively with us to create a book that our family will treasure forever. From her easy-going personality, to being open to our ideas, the whole process was easy and we really felt like she listened to us to have our story told they way we wanted. I highly recommend her if you’re looking for someone to create a birth story book.

– Andrea Schmidt